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Colinton Railway Tunnel Project
Read about the history of the tunnel and what is proposed to restore the tunnel to its former glory  

Edinburgh Rugby Residents' Survey  
"In following up off the back of last season’s trial at Myreside, it’s important, as we’d said from the outset, that we listen to what the local community has to say to us as we review what we have done, and look ahead at where we play next season. With this in mind, I’ve included here a link to a short survey so that we can get your feedback and thoughts. Myreside Residents’ Survey
I’d appreciate it if you could take the time to complete the survey so we can get as broad a response as we can.The survey will be open for response until Monday 29th May." 
Thanks in advance – Jonny Petrie Managing Director | Edinburgh Rugby 

Summer Events at The Water of Leith Centre including a family adventure event on 11th June based on Enid Blyton's Famous Fives. Visit their website for full information

January 2017 Leaflet about the Edinburgh South West Community Policing Team

Floodline survey: Water of Leith Survey 

The University of Dundee have been commissioned to to run a short survey for SEPA, the Scottish Environment Protection Agency. 
The focus of this short study is on the public flood warning system that SEPA operates, called Floodline. The study is looking at usage of Floodline’s phone/text direct messaging service, which members of the public can choose to register for.
This messaging service has grown in recent years, and to assist in planning its future development, views are being sought both from those who are registered for it and from those who are not. This survey focuses on the latter and who meet all the following criteria:
  • Own and/or occupy a residential property in Scotland;
  • Are aged 18 or over 
  • Are not currently registered with the Floodline direct messaging service.

The link to the web-based questionnaire may be found here 
Blasting at Craighouse Campus - we have received the following information - " The Planning Authority are aware of forthcoming blasting at the former Craighouse Campus, as part of the consented development. It is our understanding that the developer has written to local residents and put up notices to inform the public of the forthcoming blasting. We have liaised with CEC Environmental Assessment who have a specific remit in relation to noise and vibration. It is my understanding that no further consent/license is required for the blasting, in connection with the planning permission.

If members of the public have concerns about noise and vibration from the blasting they should contact asknoise@edinburgh.gov.uk. If they have concerns about the safety of public access on or around the development then they should contact the Health and Safety Executive. Additional guidance can be found on the CEC website by following the link " 

Changeworks - IDEAL Home Energy Advice Project - a University of Edinburgh research project supporting people to reduce their energy consumption to local residents. Background Information

Edinburgh 20mph Speed Limits - Information & Timetable