Down in the Dell

Craiglockhart Dell and the Water of Leith lie on the Western margins of Craiglockhart. The Dell is a steep sided wooded valley running from Slateford to Colinton that hosts a section of the Water of Leith Walkway. A PDF map is available here. There are various access points but the main one is just across the  Lanark Road from the Water of Leith Visitor Centre that is itself well worth a visit.The Water of Leith then flows under the bridge built to carry the Caledonian Railway line.

A few hundred yards up the walkway, you can see this pleasant little weir. The path climbs away from the water and an 18th Century Gothic Grotto appears amongst the trees. Look through the rear arched window which frames a little stream cascading down the hill behind. There is a further Grotto up the steep path near here which leads to Craiglockhart Drive South

This is the parting of the ways. Left for Slateford, right for Colinton via Kates Mill (and a back way up to Redhall House) while behind there is a bridge that allows passage over the Water of Leith to the Railway Walk on the far side. The Railway Walk can be taken either left for Colinton or right for the Union Canal and then 
back to Slateford There are some open areas with benches ideal for having a family picnic or just for resting a little before adventuring on


 As with all woodlands one of the beauties of the Dell is the way in which it changes colour to suit the season and Autumn can be a particularly glorious time!