Sculpture of "Hillside" installed at Happy Valley

"Hillside" was sculpted by Lara Green and unveiled by Councillor Andrew Burns on 19th December 2012 


This new piece of public art represents the Craiglockhart environment and takes inspiration from the poetry of the war poet Wilfred Owen. 
The sculpture recognises that Easter and Wester Craiglockhart Hills are a key feature of our area. On the front there is symbolism in the form of gorse and brambles and on the other side the image of Hydra, the many headed snake that featured on the magazine produced by Owen and Sassoon while they were recuperating in the Craiglockhart War Hospital (formerly a Hydropathic Hotel).
The text on the front is of Owen’s Poem “Spring Offensive”. 

The  text on the back reads "The sculpture was inspired by the rich and diverse natural environment of the Craiglockhart area and the poetry of Wilfred Owen, an officer in the First World War. He wrote the poem “Spring Offensive” after his experience of a disastrous attack in St Quentin in April 1917.  He was diagnosed with shell shock in June and sent to the progressive Craiglockhart War Hospital for treatment. Here Owen edited the hospital magazine “The Hydra” in which his poems were first published.  He also met Siegfried Sassoon who mentored his poetry.  His recovery to health was aided by his pursuit of outdoor activities in the beautiful surroundings of Craiglockhart. Owen returned to service but was tragically killed on 4th November 1918".

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