Community Wildflower Meadow by Patie's Road 

The Patie's Road playing fields with Pentland Hills behind. 

There is a large grass area and most of it is kept cropped but the Services for Communities department of the CEC has agreed to leave the north most corner uncut for the Summer period. This has allowed wild flowers to flourish with a little help from local residents. Some strip paths have been created to allow easy access. What is "on show" depends on the season and the conditions eg damp conditions favour the presence of some orchids. The area is enjoyed by locals and wildlife alike.


Some of the flowers that have been seen in the meadow over the Summer, using their common names. 

Row 1

Star of Bethlehem, Ragwort and Thistle

Row 2

Orchid and Buttercups

Row 3

Cuckoo Flower, Wild Carrot and Herb Robert