Blue Goose - 15/05401/FUL

Also covered are updates on the 97 proposed student flats for the Westside Motors site which is not within our area but the 2 applications are closely linked. 

10/10/2017 - Our response to latest alterations to application iro Westside Motors site  

24/07/2017 - the Blue Goose site is being sold by Rydens and we have been informed that 4 offers have been received. 30 to 40 residential units are likely though no application has yet been made.    

04/04/2017 - Westside Motors site - reply we received from CEC Planning Dept when we requested an update on this application - "Can advise that at present the application still remains under consideration and there are a number of issues with the proposal which will have to be addressed in further detail before a determination can be made as to its acceptability. Please note that the decision level for the application which is shown on the planning portal is an estimated decision level which is assigned to every application on receipt. The number of objections which have been submitted in respect of this application is such that in the event that the planning authority recommends that planning permission is to be granted for the scheme, it will have to be referred to the Development Management Sub-Committee. At present, I cannot give an indication as to whether we will recommend that consent is granted for the proposal or what date it will be progressed to Committee"

26/01/2017 - Revised application for Westside Motors site - the decision on this may well impact the Blue Goose site. Last date for comment - 03/02/17

07/12/16 - The CEC Planning Subcommittee has rejected the Planning Application for both the Blue Goose & Westside Motors sites. The vote was 6 against and 5 for. We think it likely that an Appeal will be made. Rejection Notice

Jul 2016 - Revised drawings submitted by developers. The main changes are :
- a tiered approach of buildings towards The Water of Leith
- reduction of numbers of students from 247 to 221
- new path and entrance to the Dell alongside The Water of Leith
Proposed buildings for the West Side Motors site are unchanged

Jun 2016 -  the CEC Planning Committee have instructed the CEC Planning Department to enter negotiations with the applicant with a view to agreeing a reduction in the scale and height of the development

Mar 2016 - The Planning Department has recommended to the Development Sub-Committee that the application be refused

Jan 2016 - end date for comments on the current proposal is 08/01/16. We have collated and submitted the views from the meeting

Dec 2015 - public meeting held to discuss. Linked to proposal to build 100 student flats on site of Westside Motors - this is in the catchment area of Longstone CC