How to Comment on a Planning Application

We are consulted on major planning applications for our area and we provide feedback and comments as appropriate. However, anyone can comment on an application and we would urge you to do so as residents comments do influence the Planning Committee which meets weekly to discuss and decide on applications.


  • Make sure comments are allowed - Applications can go through several stages and comments cannot always be made at every stage - the Application will indicate this.
  • Submit comments as soon as possible - the Application will show the end date for comments and the timescale can be quite short
  • Focus on valid and relevant aspects - Edinburgh Council has listed topics you may wish to consider   
  • A simple Yes or No along with a brief statement of your reasons is enough - just make sure it is clear whether you are for or against the Application. 

How to Comment 

1. Use the City of Edinburgh Council Planning Portal - this is the easiest way

Copy & paste the Application Reference (see Planning pages) into the search box in the Planning Portal.  

2. By Email
clude the Application Reference and send to  

3. In Writing
Include the Application Reference and send to :  
Planning Helpdesk, Waverley Court, 4 East Market Street, Edinburgh EH8 8BG

4. By Telephone or for Help 

Make sure you know the Application Reference  and call 0131 529 3550

5. Comment via ourselves - Contact Us 
Send comments asap so that we have time to collate and submit them before the end date.